In case you haven’t heard, Fuschia Couture has some new apparel at Article Consignment Boutique!

Don’t miss out on these new and eye-catching dresses!  Get ready for the Spring season with garments such as these.

Isn’t the blue great?  I believe I mentioned how this color is a Spring color.  And orange is such a great color– not a lot of people try to incorporate it in outfits because they’re afraid of making some sort of error.  However, the dress from the link above is simply darling, and the perfect shade for Spring– it has this earthy tone with it that makes it a garment everyone can wear!

Speaking or orange, can we admire the other orange dress here?  And the other gorgeous pieces?  I believe my favorite is the dress at the bottom right– the tan/nude colored dress.

I cannot explain to you how long I’ve been looking for a dress that color.

But FC is not just a ‘one-trick pony’– this line is catering to every fashionista’s fashion fix.  Fuschia Couture is not only dresses but jewelry, tops, leggings and skirts!

I highly recommend purchasing something from Fuschia Couture— great garments at great quality?  What are you waiting for?

What more info about the fabulous Fuschia Couture?