I love dressing up and going out to conventions with people who share similar interests as me– anime/manga, video games, sci-fi, horror movies, comic books, My Little Pony, etc.  And as usual, I was on the hunt for more cosplay (‘costume-play’) stuff– in particular, animal ears.  Pony ears, to be exact.

I wanted to be Pinkie Pie and had everything but the ears– the wig, the clothes, the shoes, etc. But no ears!

That is, until I ran into the Lokisa booth in the vendor’s hall of SacAnime, Sacramento’s local Sacramento Anime, Video Game and ‘Nerd Culture’ convention.  They had the perfect pair!  I was so delighted!

And not only were the ears in great condition and well made, so were all the unique clothes and accessories available for sale!  If anyone knows great alternative fashion, it’s Lokisa!

(Chouwa Neko Joker Striped Sweatshirt)

(Gothic Aristocrat Corset Bustier)

I had a fantastic experience with Lokisa— they were welcoming, kind, polite and professional.  Their products are of great quality– and hand-stitched!

(Checker Punk Meow Mii Fleece Hat)

(Cuddle Bear in Wonder-dreamland (PINK))

This family owned and operated business has an online store as well as a Facebook, Youtube channel and blog, and are vendors at SacAnime.  Along with selling unique and wearable fashion, Lokisa donates a percentage of their sales to charities– a reminder that everyone has the ability to help and do their part to make the world around them a better place.

Interested in Lokisa?  Please visit the following websites to learn more about Lokisa, purchase a few items and observe all the fashionable goodies they have to offer!

website: http://www.visual-you.com/
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/visualyou?sk=info
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/lokisachannel
blog: http://lokisafashion.tumblr.com/

(Zipper Choker – Punk Skull Pendant (Black))