Okay… yes… this isn’t the best thing she could have worn… but I’m a little more concerned about machine-gun arms…

But I must admit, that dress is gorgeous.  And I would wear that arm to some kind of sci-fi convention– just not on the red carpet.  Sometimes I wonder what it really means to ‘dress for the Grammys’.

‘Who can get the most attention with the strangest outfit?’
‘Who can look the sexiest?’
‘Who can look their absolute best?’

It’s like after Lady Gaga (who looked the most normal compared to the previous two artists that were pictured) came onto the scene everyone stopped caring about looking their best and became more worried about fishing for attention by dressing like a freak show (blunt, but true).

At least Jessie J didn’t have to look like a cyborg or a fairytale character to shine during the awards.