Ever since I’ve been introduced to Sleigh Bells and I saw the video for their song ‘Infinity Guitars’ I knew that I needed to find and add a Letterman Jacket to my wardrobe.  If it wasn’t for this video, I don’t think I’d view this as anything else besides something jocks would wear—at least, that’s what they wear in every movie targeted to young adults, right?

But the Letterman Jacket has taken on a new role—from Athlete to Rock Star.

The Letterman Jacket isn’t just limited to school wear anymore, and have been hitting the clothing racks of places such as Hot Topic, Forever 21 and Zumiez and can also be cardigans and sweaters for those not interested in covering up in a jacket.

This trend isn’t really a prediction as it is already in-motion— yes, it’s going through its moment of being popular.  Long story short, it’s a trend that should be taking a rest during the middle of the incoming Spring season.

However, dressing like a rock star will never be out-of-season— Lady Gaga seems to be rocking her Letterman Jacket with studs, keeping the trend afloat with making her jacket unique from the rest of the pack.

Gaga's studded L. Jacket

Alexis Krauss

It’s all preference, really—I’m not sure if the Letterman Jacket trend will survive past Spring (I’m sure it’ll come back… I’m hoping so! I love them!) But I know I’ll still be wearing mine (once I find one) once the Autumn season comes back.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll add some studs or patches.

I’ll watch Sleigh Bells perform on Saturday Night Live tomorrow evening and pick up some inspiration on what I’ll do to my Letterman Jacket.