Hello, I’m Gina– welcome to my fashion blog!

After a lot of thought and discussion, I decided it’s time that I should try my own fashion blog.  I like to think of it as my own little fun project– what fashion lover wouldn’t?  However, I’m so used to blogging as a team with others and this is my first independent fashion blog– I feel a bit powerful.  I’m hoping to take in what I’ve learned so far and apply it to this blog.

A little more about me: I’m big on alternative styles– I like extravagance and drama when it comes to fashion.  I like fantasy, making statements and to be inspired.  Fashion really is a passion of mine and I have decided that it is something worth pursuing when I was very young.  It is my major at CSU Sacramento and after I graduate I hope to dive into the fashion industry as soon as possible and work my way to becoming a designer– for both fashion and costume design.

For this blog, I hope to post every day.  I’ll post about things I like, things that inspire me and hopefully I can share with you some things I have made myself.